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Standard Fees: Effective 1/1/2023

Clinical Psychologist

Individual $207

Family $230

Couple $230

Dr. Gayle's rate are a flat $402.50


Individual  $172.50

Family $172.50

Couple $172.50



Individual $143.75

Family $143.75

Couple $143.75


Psychological  Assistant

Individual $172.50

Family $172.50

Couple $172.50

*All Fees are per hour

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner



Emergency Phone therapy 15 minutes (for ongoing clients only) $25.00

Letter required to be written on your behalf. $100.00 & 15 business day notice.


Court Testimony if compelled by subpoena to testify a minimum fee of $1500/half day or $3000/full day; plus a $500 preparation time and all fees must be paid 3 days in advance by cashier’s check or credit card. Because of the disruption court causes to this practice we will not accept and “on call” requests.


Appointment Cancellation

We adhere to a 48 hour advance notice cancellation policy. You are expected to pay $100.00 if you do not cancel within 48 hours. Insurance does not cover this cost. 

Other Services

  • EDD Disability initial $150.00 

  • EDD Disability extension $100.00

  • Other Disability (FMLA, work disability, etc) paperwork $150.00 plus $20.00 per page over 5 pages

  • Letter written for disability, psychological evaluation, etc $150.00

  • Letter for other purposes not in clinical nature or verifying treatment $100.00

  • Additional Copy of Psychological Assessment Report $75.00

  • Copy of Treatment Records $25 for standard size records. $50 large quantity of treatment records. 

Testing prices

  • Autism and other Developmental Evaluations (age 4 and under) - $6000

  • Autism and other Developmental Evaluations (age 5 and over) - $6500 

  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder - $6500

  • Intellectual Assessment (I.Q.) - $2000

  • Learning Disabilities/Psycho-educational Evaluation - $4200 

  • Independent Education Evaluation $6000-$8000

  • Pre-Employment Evaluation - $1750 

  • Psychiatric Clearance Evaluation for Military Contractor, Border Patrol, and other Law Enforcement - $1750 

  • Therapeutic Evaluation/Diagnosis Clarity - $2250

  • Vocational Testing - $2300 

  • Bariatric Weight Loss Evaluation - $1750

  • $40 per protocol used during testing

  • $500/report

Administrative Fee

Effective March 1, 2024, new clients will be charged a one-time administrative fee of $25 to $50 that is to be paid at the time of scheduling an intake appointment. The fee is non-refundable. This fee covers access to Collaborative Psychology Group, APC on-demand and
asynchronous virtual care services, as well as high-touch and value-added personal services such as insurance navigation, medication management if needed and referral management. This fee also covers secure provider messaging, proactive appointment
reminders and reminders for follow-up care, patient education pamphlets and referral needs. The fee is not a covered benefit under health insurance plans. Collaborative Psychology Group, APC is dedicated to serving its community members, regardless of their financial means which is why we pride ourselves on taking most major insurances while many Mental Health practices do not.

Administrative Fees:
$25 - Therapy or Psych only
$50 - If receiving more than one service
$5 - Per additional family member


Missed School Letter Due to Appointment

No fee


Late Arrivals

All clients are seen by appointment. If you are late to your session your session will be shorter in duration. After 20 minutes will not be seen unless therapist agrees


Insurance & Concierge Fees

Currently we accept several insurances. However, you are still 100% responsible for your fees should your insurance company deny your claim.


Concierge Services

A contract will be in place before any of these services will be provided.

We offer premium services that maybe a good fit you, if you are an office strapped executive and you would like Dr. Gayle  to come to your place of business convenient distance to the office location of Collaborative Psychology Group. Dr. Gayle also contracts with business to offer supportive services to employees. For an additional fee, we can make your experience even more convenient for you. Most Insurance plans will not cover these services and you will be required to pay before services are rendered.


Off-site Therapy

$400 per 50 minute hour; plus travel time. (Portal to portal)


All fees are expected to be paid in full before each session. 


Collaborative Psychology Group, APC accepts cash, credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express) and personal checks. 


Returned checks will be charged an additional $25.00 fee in addition to outstanding balance.  


All co-pays must be paid at time of service and can’t be waived per state law.


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