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Darlena Allen 

Clinical Director 


To be human is to feel stress, to feel overwhelmed, and at times, to even feel alone. I welcome the opportunity to hear your experience, through providing my undivided attention, and support. Your thoughts, feelings, and needs are not only worthy of being heard, they deserve respect and regard. It is my goal to create an environment in which you feel safe, and empowered to share your unique story. Together we will not only set your goals, but identify, and work towards your preferred reality.


My experience includes working with children with behavioral issues at home/school, working with families on co-parenting issues, working with children of separation/divorce, working with foster children/families, working with blended families, and working with Depression and Trauma.  Also, assisting therapists navigate the unique challenges of the profession.  The strength based theoretical approaches which inform my work includes: Attachment-Based Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Reflective Supervision. It is my belief that, not only are we individually, equipped to solve the human condition, but that, in addition, we are the authors of our own story. If you will allow me to utilize my journey to witness your story as you write and re-write your Narrative, you will learn the following: 
“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think” - A.A. Milne, creator of Winnie-The-Pooh

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Robyn Norris 

Clinical Supervisor


My passion lies in helping individuals from a relational perspective and instilling hope
and assurance of ones individual journey in order to help live a life that is of fulfillment. I
believe we all have a story and the right to be heard and seen and that is what I look to offer you within our therapeutic relationship. I believe the therapist-client relationship is integral to healing and as such, it should feel collaborative and free from judgement. 


I have extensive experience working with children and adolescents, alongside their
families. I am a firm believer that in order to help the child, we must also examine the family. I have provided such therapeutic services to children and families in community mental health clinics, school-based settings and residential treatment facilities. As such, I have extended training in trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy as well as knowledge and training within the 0-5 population. I have experience treating a wide array of issues such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, attachment concerns, trauma, abuse, grief and loss, change of life issues, divorce, adoption, and relational disorders.

In my professional capacity I have also had experience providing clinical supervision and oversight to pre-licensed and licensed therapist. I take joy in working alongside clinicians as they develop and hone their professional skills and knowledge. I believe that as a clinician or “healer” it is important to be reflective in one’s process in order to provide the emotional space needed for those that we serve.

I work from an eclectic lens, often incorporating cognitive behavioral therapies, client-centered approaches, solution-focused, family systems work and narrative therapy. I am comfortable working with individuals of all sexual orientations and genders. As a clinician, I strive for cultural humility and understanding of ones own individual cultural experience. Most importantly, I look forward to working alongside you to assist in your journey of healing.

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Danetra Smith-Wheeler

Clinical Supervisor


I am a licensed marriage and family therapist with over 17 years of experience working in the mental health field in the capacity of a therapist, program manager, case manager, clinical supervisor, and mental health administrator for a school district. 

I have worked with children and families of diverse cultures in schools, homes, and group homes. I have provided therapy to children and their families in order to address a variety of mental disorders which included, but is not limited to, depression, anxiety attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, and bipolar disorder. I have also worked with children to stabilize them in crisis situations and after they have been discharged from behavioral health hospitals. 

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Dr. Manijeh Badieee

Clinical Psychologist


I have done therapy for over ten years. I specialize in clients who are racial/ethnic minorities, queer, transgender, and/or polyamorous. I can provide letters for transgender individuals who pursue medical transition. I have worked with a variety of presenting issues such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, and trauma.

I am a relational-cultural therapist, which means that I view relationships as central to our growth, honor my client's cultural identities, and explore how "isms" (e.g., racism, sexism, etc.) impact my clients. I view therapy as a collaboration in which we work together to address your concerns as well as help you live a life of meaning.

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My clinical experience includes working with adults, adolescents, children and couples, which issues such as codependency, anxiety, depression, grief, adult children of alcoholics and divorce recovery.  I have led workshops in codependency and boundaries, and have co-facilitated groups in “Healing the Mother Wound.”  I am EMDR trained (Eye Movement Desensitization and Processing, and also use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as well as Solution Focused, Family Systems theoretical approaches and Mindfulness techniques. 

In working with clients, I see the client and I as a team, working together to determine goals and treatment that meet the individual client’s needs, while providing a safe, empathetic environment to process and facilitate healing of childhood and family of origin experiences, as well as present issues and concerns. 

I love helping people gain insight, awareness and empowerment in their lives, to achieve wholeness and improved relationships

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Elizabeth Dupray

Marriage and Family Therapist


I am a licensed Marriage and Family therapist who began my educational journey later in life. My life's experiences led me to seek a career more meaningful in helping others. 

Prior to my education in counseling I worked for many years in the grocery business as a retail clerk, getting to know all the customers who came through my lane. I believe that job was a great training ground for my current career as everyone from all walks of life goes to the grocery store. My keen observation of each person and family dynamics was educational in itself. 

My years of internship and counseling have been meaningful when clients have made progress and I get to be a part of their journey. The populations I have the most experience in are clients struggling with anxiety, depression, domestic violence, strained marriages, and relationships. I have helped women stuck in the cycle of abuse and codependency and understanding the pain from my own life's experiences. I have worked with families and individuals struggling with family members addicted to different substances.

Carol Davidson

Marriage and Family Therapist


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I am comfortable supporting clients with a wide range of concerns including depression, anxiety, ADHD, relationship issues, parenting problems, career challenges, self-esteem, and issues of grief and loss. I have helped people navigate the complex aftermath that results from physical trauma or emotional abuse.

My counseling style is warm and interactive. I believe in treating everyone with respect, being sensitive, and meeting each client in the space that they are in. My counseling approach pulls from several theories, but I primarily use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused, and Client Centered Therapies. 

Here's what you can expect in a session with me: I will tailor our dialog and develop a treatment plan to meet your unique and specific needs and goals. I like to provide feedback, share suggestions, and encourage home practice from our previous sessions, so you can see the interventions used in action.  

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Crystal Folk

Marriage and Family Therapist


Dr. Tanika Gayle 

Clinical Psychologist


The core of my work is to help people operate from the best in themselves as an individual and in relationship with others. My work helps individuals develop a state of balance by increasing one true, solid sense of self and the ability to take care of self while working through difficulties that life throws at you. Key tools in accomplishing this are by helping individuals self confront and self validate and stay true to ones' integrity. I work with individuals dealing with everyday life stressors, individuals discovering their sense of identity, and various discomforts such as depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and family issues. I have a special interest in treating individuals, families, couples, and intimacy issues which includes sex therapy.

In addition to providing therapy, being the owner/clinical director of Collaborative Psychology Group, I currently am the program manager and primary supervisor for Family Support Services at the Inland Empire Ronald McDonald House. It is a practicum training site for marriage and family therapist, social work and psychology doctorate students. In addition I also have a practicum training program at Collaborative Psychology Group for Loma Linda University master and doctoral students. 

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I work with children, adolescents, and adults. My approach to therapy is a bit eclectic in that I have specialized training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but I also include early childhood considerations, feminist thought, and multi-cultural perspectives in my interventions. I believe in working closely with my clients as a team on identifying goals and moving forward towards desired changes. I specialize in trauma, depression, anxiety, chronic illness, grief and loss, adjustment difficulties, as well as diagnostic clarification of ADHD, Autism, or psychotic and mood disorders. As a multicultural, Hispanic woman, I love working with clients from diverse backgrounds and, in particular, specialize in working with members of the Deaf / Hard of Hearing and LGBTQ communities. I am fluent in ASL.

Andrea Lovvorn

Andrea Lovvorn

Social Worker 


I hold a Pupil Personnel Services Credential (PPSC) in School Social Work, enabling me to understand school systems and potential factors affecting the mental health of children and teenagers in the school setting.  I have advanced training in the area of trauma and depression and am EMDR trained.

I enjoy work with diverse populations and have helped clients ranging from 2 years old to 90 years old.  I have a range of experience which includes working with early childhood trauma, recent trauma, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, childbirth trauma, military-related stressors, caregiver stress, teenagers, end-of-life issues, adjustment to chronic disease, self-harm, and behavioral challenges.  Each person is unique and I strive to utilize evidence-based treatment methods to improve your symptoms as rapidly as possible through individual therapy, family therapy, and/or connection to outside resources as needed.

Dr. Natasha Kordus

Clinical Psychologist


Katy McKee

Social Worker 


Dr. Katerina Prossr

Clinical Psychologist


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I have worked as a mental health professional assisting children and teenagers who experience anxiety, depression, ADHD, trauma, and various other diagnoses.  I have also worked with adults, families, individuals suffering from severe mental illness, and have conducted group therapy. Additionally, I have worked with a wide array of ethnicities, ages, and am able to conduct therapy in Spanish as well. I use an eclectic and varied approach, as I feel it is important to tailor services to the individual. 

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Alexandra Martinez

Marriage and Family Therapist


In my journey to become a therapist, I completed a Master of Arts in Psychology from University of Phoenix and a Master of Social Work from University of Southern California with a concentration in children and families and sub-concentration in military.  I am a veteran spouse and understand the military lifestyle and culture. I have worked in the medical setting from dialysis to psychiatric/medical hospital to hospice. I am concurrently working in a nonprofit that provides both substance use treatment and mental health treatment to those who are connected with the judicial system in a diversion program. I am very passionate about my work and enjoy the reward of seeing my clients take control of their journey and thrive.

I enjoy working with diverse populations and have helped clients ranging from newborns to 104 years old.  I have a range of experience which includes working with depression, anxiety, grief and loss, childbirth trauma, military-related stressors, caregiver stress, end of life issues, adjustment to chronic disease, self-harm, behavioral challenges, schizophrenia and other chronic  mental health disorders, judicially connected and mandated clients, anger management, sexual crime victims, and LGBT. I strive to meet my clients wherever they are at and I will hold the hope for them while we work together to navigate their journey to holding their own hope.

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Bio coming soon. 

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Vivian Villalobos

Marriage and Family Therapist


People face tremendous stressors, managing life responsibilities, and relationships. Adversity from childhood experiences, unfulfilled expectations, negative family influences leading to despair breaks relationships and families apart. Addressing origins of pain, acknowledging the present and providing strategic tools helps rebuild, leading to better moments now and ahead. As an empathetic licensed marriage and family therapist, LMFT 107822, Vivian enjoys connecting with clients to explore their unique journey by providing a non-judgmental, safe, welcoming space to grow, to heal, to embrace, to discard. Vivian has life experience with an ex-addict community for over 40 years; gaining professional mental health status as of 2012.  Vivian provides counseling to individuals, couples and families dealing with relationship issues, especially those struggling with addictions and anger.  

   As an EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapist, Vivian uses this model for people to heal from emotional distress resulting from disturbing life experiences.  EMDR therapy quickens the healing process. EMDR therapy shows that the mind can, in fact, heal from psychological trauma much as the body recovers from physical trauma.  Using the eight stage detailed protocols and procedures learned in EMDR therapy training sessions, Vivian helps clients activate their natural healing processes.

   Having first-hand experience of living abroad with her family raising five children (Adult Third Culture Kids); Vivian understands the unique challenges expatriate families face while moving and living abroad. Not only has Vivian experienced the process of culture shock, and cultural adaptation, she has therapeutic skills to help you and your family transition to/from life abroad, particularly the reverse struggle of repatriation. Whether you are facing immigration issues, migration, or repatriation, let’s talk!

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Tawny Weir

Marriage and Family Therapist


I am trained in various evidence-based practices, including Individual and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-Informed Care, Seeking Safety.  I have also served diverse populations, providing individual and group therapy to sexual assault and trauma survivors, systems-involved youth and their families transitioning adults, and older adults, and other marginalized groups facing an array of challenges including depression, anxiety, adjustment disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.


Bio coming soon. 

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D. Sophia Wise

Social Worker


Gail York

Social Worker


In my practice, I see individuals from all walks of life, with a variety of problems. Their issues range from stress or depression related to everyday life, to living and dealing with severe mental illness such as Schizophrenia or Bipolar Disorder. I also work with individuals and/or families who have been court-ordered for treatment.

I have extensive training and experience working with PTSD, and Mood Disorders such as Major Depressive Disorder and Bipolar Disorder. I have also worked extensively with individuals who have Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorder. In addition, I work with individuals who have problems with drug and alcohol issues in conjunction with a major mental illness. Further, I work with individuals who have been sexually abused and when appropriate, their families as well.

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Dr. Nikiesha Brooks

Clinical Psychologist


I am currently a Psych assistant under the supervision of Dr. Tanika Gayle, PSY 23903 (Licensed Clinical Psychologist) and graduate student at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in the Forensic Psychology Psy.D. Program. I received my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Phoenix, Gardena and have worked in community mental health for the past 7 years.


My experience includes conducting individual therapy, conducting psychological assessments, facilitating group therapy, as well as crisis intervention.  I began working with children ages 5-18 years and their families at the Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic in intensive services.I have worked with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in their Vital Intervention Directional Alternative’s Academy with at-risk youths and families, and, also with incarcerated inmates at the Century Regional Detention Facility, Twin Towers Correctional Facility, and Men’s Central Jail. I have also worked with both incarcerated and newly released individual’s in the HealthRight 360 reintegration program in Los Angeles. Most recently, I have worked with individual’s struggling with substance abuse and comorbid disorders at BLVD Treatment Centers San Diego


Dr. Samantha Martineez

Clinical Psychologist


My experience has included working with children, adolescents, young adults, and families in public schools and community mental health facilities. In addition, I have experience working with suicidal adolescents in an intensive outpatient program and providing support to families of children with medical illnesses. My training has allowed me to gain experience working with a variety of conditions including depression, anxiety, trauma, self-harm, impulse and control issues, behavior and conduct problems, relational concerns, and adjustment difficulties. 

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Dr. Megan Thompson

Clinical Psychologist


My practicum experience has included working with adolescents and adults in a behavioral hospital. I provided group therapy, individual therapy, and family therapy. I worked in an inpatient facility and also worked with the aftercare groups. I have experience in working with depression, anxiety, trauma, personality disorders, self-harm, adjustment difficulties, conduct disorders, eating disorders, and behavior and impulse control issues. 

I was also a teacher for thirteen years working with a variety of cultural backgrounds and populations such as working with students in special education. My time as a teacher has also given me experience in working with middle school students specifically, and helping them navigate through this transitional time. 

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Alexa Bustamente

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor


I received my Master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Grand Canyon University and have worked in the fields of mental and behavioral health for 4 years. My experience includes conducting individual therapy, marriage family therapy and couples’ therapy. I have facilitated group counseling sessions relevant to sobriety and mental wellness for high-risk families and children. 


My experience includes working with adolescents, young adults and older adults in the rehabilitation center and private practice settings. In addition, I have experience working with crisis intervention for individuals struggling with suicidal ideation. The trainings I received have given me the opportunity to assist individuals experiencing: Depression, Adjustment Disorder, Anxiety, PTSD/trauma, Borderline Personality Disorder, Interpersonal Issues, behavior problems, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Yvette Brito.jpeg

Yvette Brito

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist


Bio coming soon. 

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Deborah McBride

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor


As a registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist (AMFT#112456) and Associate Professional Clinical Counselor (APCC#6161), I am an RN, with 14 years of Bariatric Medicine experience, I am passionate about helping others understand how emotional and physical health are woven together, each affecting the other in powerful ways. Many of my patients shared their stories of post-op weight regain, new addictions, history of childhood trauma, and the return of sabotaging behaviors. Realizing the great need for effective psychological services, I felt called to become a therapist. The desire to offer a more holistic approach for those who struggle with obesity motivated me to complete a Master’s degree in Counseling
from La Sierra University in Riverside CA.

I have provided counseling for children, teens, adults, couples and families in Palm Springs through Marsell Consulting, where I worked with individuals, couples and families as we as taught a 16-week course on Anger Management. I was honored to play a small role in providing individual and group counseling services for many of Riverside’s homeless population through Path of Life Ministries.
Together we will explore any psychological roadblocks that are getting in the way of you feeling your best. I use evidenced-based counseling modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness Techniques, Emotional Focused and Compassion Therapies to create a personalized treatment plan customized for your specific needs.